Sony Design
The manual skills of Lumezzane mould to the technology of Sony Design
Laser Tech (recently joined in Officine Tampalini) was prized for its collaboration on the Sony Design project, where the manual skills of Lumezzane mingled with the technological skills of the Japanese company.
From this union "TSUKI" was born: a table featuring a built-in projector, with a simple design in galvanized brass, which combine harmoniously in the domestic environment. Ventilation holes, created with modern 3D laser cuts, look like the branch of a bay tree, a plant that grew on the moon in Asian folklore.

This project, promoted by the Region of Lombardy Handcrafts and Services, was a crossroads between the worlds of industry and artistry. The mission of this innovative philosophy was to create products that contribute to improving the world around us and, in particular, the daily lives of each one of us.
A sort of bioarchitecture that feeds on the creation of echo-compatible products.
This concept marries perfectly with the Sony design philosophy that not only seeks absolute beauty, but also and especially total respect for and protection of the environment.

This is where Lombard companies joined with Japanese technology. On one side are the companies with strong handcrafting skills, passed down from experienced forefathers through the generations to the youth of today; on the other are the most modern technologies. Moreover Sony combines handcrafted production with true technology inspired by the most extreme design shapes. Pilot projects are given life, now unique pieces, with enigmatic shapes and specifications, but which can be easily adapted tomorrow into a harmonious house designed for relaxation, a place where emotions are lived.