Officine Tampalini was founded in early 2012, but this seemingly new company has actually long been the standard for metalworking in the area of Brescia.
It was born of the fusion of the two companies Sit-Tampalini and Laser-tech.
Founded in 1960, Sit-Tampalini was an industrial company with great experience in stainless steel working, specializing in the manufacturing of cutlery, knives and pan handles.
It also proved to be the ideal partner for many companies active in the housewares, furniture and all industrial sectors where stainless steel components were required.
Officine Tampalini
Officine Tampalini
Officine Tampalini
Close attention to the demands of the stainless steel products market and the evolution of production techniques led the founders of Sit-Tampalini to set up a flatbed and three-dimensional laser cutting machine in the early 1990s.
The resulting increase in demand by customers led to the creation of a new company, Laser-tech.

Now these two companies have reunited under a single name: Officine Tampalini, a brand that symbolises the capacity to invest in research and development, with the intimate know-how of those familiar with this sector, and the skill to anticipate changes and find prompt responses to the physiological evolution of the market.

At this website you will find detailed presentations of the main processes Officine Tampalini performs; our Technical Office is also at your disposal for any in-depth information regarding each and every service we offer and to ensure you will find the right solution for your needs.